Our Data Centre

The Web Factory’s servers are located in Australia’s first Tier 4 Data Centre located in Melbourne.

Located in Melbourne’s outer east, our data centre, Micron 21, provides a robust, reliable and secure environment to host our servers. Some of the features that make our data centre the best are:

  • Quadruple redundant power delivered by four independent circuits.
  • In addition to mains power, each circuit is powered from;
    • Independent Power Distribution Systems (PDUs)
    • Independent Switchboards
    • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs)
    • Dual external 1MW generators.
  • AS ISO 15420 compliant building with fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System.
  • Redundant multi homed BGP routing via our independent International Network.
  • Two completely separate methods of cooling, chilled water and chilled gas systems.

Why our data centre’s network is better?

  • Enjoy the security of a certified SCEC Security Zone compliant building
  • Redundant multi-homed BGP International Network
  • Global VPLS Layer 2 services between Europe, North America, Asia and Australia
  • Compliant to Level 1 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Always-on Domestic and International DDoS Protection. Micron21 owns and operates scrubbing centres located in Amsterdam, Singapore, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Individual VLANS per client service that provide internal data integrity and security
  • Each connected device receives a minimum of 2 x 25gbit uplink ports via two independent Cisco Nexus switches
  • Each and every rack within our Data Centre has a total capacity of 1.2 Terrabits
  • Our Single Hop international network connects to all major global networks whilst peering with more than 1800 global AS networks
  • Direct and dedicated, low latency capacity from Australia to Europe via  SEA-ME-WE 5 connected in Singapore
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Melbourne to Singapore via Vocus Submarine ASC system
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Sydney to Singapore via Vocus Submarine via the Indigo West & Indigo Central cable systems
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Sydney to Los Angeles via Hawaiki cable system
  • Dedicated backhaul capacity between Melbourne and Sydney provided via Optus and Telstra for carrier diversity
  • Direct connectivity to all major Australian IP transit networks including Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vocus along with peering on every major peering exchange resulting in single hop network routing experience to almost every Australian AS
  • BGP EVPN Cisco Nexus Internal datacentre fabric for all client transit services
  • Any Cast gateway, multi-site BGP and VXLAN allowing full service portability between any Micron21 location
  • Our network has been IRAP assessed for government workloads
  • Over 700gbit of global capacity and continuously increasing

All of this network and data centre infrastructure is one thing, but it’s no good without quality people at the helm. This we believe is Micron21’s main strength and the reason why we house all of our equipment there. The support they provide to us and in turn our customers is simply the best. We wouldn’t be anywhere else.

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