Why choose Web Factory

The Web Factory prides itself on providing quality web hosting products, and most importantly, good service. So why choose us over all the other hosting companies?

Australian Web Hosting


We are connected to one of the top networks in Australia, allowing us to scale up the size of our network in response to demand.

Australian Web Hosting


We have been offering business grade internet services since 1996. We own our servers which are housed in a world class data centre.

Australian Web Hosting

Technical Support

We provide personalised phone and email support, and our friendly staff are located in the NSW Southern Highlands, in Australia.

Australian Web Hosting

Complete Solutions

We can provide all your internet service needs, from hosting and domain names, to cloud email and support.

Unlike other web hosts we make having a website easy. We do not expect you to administer yourself through some sort of control panel, although this option is available if you want it. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll do the work for you, the way it should be.

The Web Factory hosts all of its customers websites in Australia. Even our cheapest hosting packages are hosted right here! Beware of other web hosts who say they are Australian but in fact are just renting space in a server farm in another country. By hosting in Australia we can better maintain the reliability and consistency of our services.

We are connected to one of the top networks in Australia. This allows us to scale up the size of our network in response to demand. Our link will be upgraded well before it begins to affect the speed of our service.

Our web Servers are all hosted on Dell Enterprise hardware in a VMWare Hyperconverged Cluster. This setup is the most robust solution you can have. Within this our servers are all VPS’s with CentOS and cPanel, the most popular hosting solution in the world.

Our hosting packages are competitively priced for quality Australian web hosting. Whilst some providers may offer you a cheaper price, what good is that if your website is slow or unreliable. We have hosting packages starting at less than $6 per week, surely one of the cheapest forms of advertising around. Our packages also now include full management and renewal of your primary domain name so you only get one bill for your web hosting (conditions apply).

Shared web hosting has a bad reputation, but we believe this is not deserved. Done correctly shared hosting can work very well and for larger sites too. At The Web Factory we have a policy of only using the best hardware and not overselling it. Most shared hosts reduce their costs by overselling the capacity of their servers. This becomes very apparent when your site becomes busier or at peak times of the day when the performance will slow considerably.

We do things differently. By not overselling the capacity of our servers or network, your website will be fast all the time.

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